Blockchain Landscape Austria

The Austrian Blockchain Landscape: An overview on companies, platforms & institutions leading the development of Blockchain technology in Austria.

Release Date:
January 2021

Release Information

The Austrian Blockchain Landscape was initially created in January 2018 by enliteAI and CryptoRobby.
This updated version January 2021 (v4.0) includes 32 new startups, organizations and initiatives with a total of 147
Newly added companies & institutions are marked with “v4.0” for easier identification in the text below the infographic.

What´s New

We gave the Austrian Blockchain Landscape a facelifting. The ecosystem has changed substantially over the years. Whereas in 2017/2018 ICOs and startups dominated the scene, the focus shifts towards corporate early adopters, which are working on blockchain use cases, proof-of-concepts and prototypes.

Therefore we included a new category for corporate early adopters. Another change is the new and emerging Decentralised Finance (DeFi) projects and startups. We put the box DeFi on the Austrian Blockchain Landscape where companies and startups involved in Decentralised Finance applications are presented. The definition of DeFi is interpreted in a broader context: enterprises which are using blockchain technology to improve  financial services like banking, lending, identity, notary, wallet management, data protection and thus contributing to a more decentalised approach are included in this category.


New Startups entered the scene:

  • Trading shares when markets are closed? Morpher Labs GmbH  enables 24/7 trading of stocks, crypto and Forex. It´s an Ethereum-based trading platform.
  • Trality GmbH  is a browser-based platform for easy-to-build algorithmic trading. It offers solutions for Python gurus and skilled traders. And it makes sure your trading ideas remain secret with their decentralized approach. 3rd Winner of German Blockrocket Award (Seed Stage )
  • CryptoWiener is a Non Fungible Token project and brings “Austrian Culture on the Blockchain”. The team won the Austrian Blockchain Award 2020  
  • KONJUNGATE is tackling several fields of the art market providing stable ground to unfold potential globally. Their currency is art, infrastructure is the KONJUNGATE blockchain with decentralized solutions framed for the art market and beyond.
  • eWINGZ builds a global data exchange platform with the functionality of an ERP system, but the flexibility of a custom-made program.
  • SimplyTokenized GmbH offers tokenization solutions. With Blockpit and Bluepower, the SimplyTokenizsed supports two Security Token Offerings (STO).
  • Steel but smart – S1Seven GmbH offers blockchain based trading solution for steel and other metals. Very smart!
  • B.A.M Ticketing GmbH develops a blockchain-based ticketing solution. The team also won the German Blockrocket Award 2020 in the category idea stage. Wonderful!
  • Brickwise is a real estate investment platform based on blockchain. Brilliant.
  • Drop all Tables GmbH with skilled blockchain experts close ties to Ethereum core developers, Monero and other blockchain protocols.
  • Tributech Solutions GmbH created a “DataSpace Agent” based on Blockchain-Technology to encrypt sensor data in cooperation with Infineon Austria. Amazing solutions on its way!

Corporate Early Adopters

  • Raiffeisen Bank International  developed a Euro stable coin solution in cooperation with 0bsnetwork. Bitpanda GmbH  developed with Pantos-technology a RBI coin proof of concept.
  • HS Timber Group explores solutions for a tamper-proof data storage via blockchain technology
  • Energienetze Steiermark GmbH development of a blockchain-based platform to share free energy sources and provide for greater flexibility. A proof-of-concept of blockchain for energy, storage and grid management with the control of flexibilities.


  • The newly founded Association for the promotion of Distributed-Ledger-Technologies in Austria is an independent think tank. The platform covers topics related to distributed ledger technologies. Through targeted networking, coordination and promotion of players from science, business, education and society, DLT-Austria wants to contribute to the targeted and sustainable use of blockchain technology in Austria.


  • FMA Financial Authority Austria implemented a registry for Virtual Asset Service Providers. As of 1.10.2020 companies are obliged to register, when trading cryptocurrencies on behalf of third parties.
  • OeNB InnovationHUB GmbH is a newly founded company of the Austrian central bank (OeNB). Its tasks include preparing studies and analyses on developments in the field of PayTech in cooperation with international banks and relevant start-ups as well as regulatory, scientific and other public institutions (ECB, WKO, universities). In the medium term, the "Innovation Hub" should establish itself as an accelerator for cooperations with FinTechs and support the domestic FinTech ecosystem with initiatives relevant to central banks to increase financial market stability and security.

Blockchain Landscape Austria

With kind support of Robby Schwertner (, a Vienna-based independent blockchain consultant and social media influencer, we put together the first Austrian Blockchain landscape and update it on a regular basis.

The landscape includes start-ups, accelerators and universities - as well as a large number of public institutions, initiatives and communities. We take this strong backing as a promising sign that the Austrian Blockchain landscape goes well beyond adopting new technology, but is also discussed in a wider societal context.

Newly added companies & institutions are marked with “v4.0” for easier identification in the text below the infographic.

Disclaimer: We are not involved with any of the companies and organizations listed in this landscape.

You’re welcome to reuse the infographic below as long as the content remains unmodified, in full and proper reference to the source is mentioned.

Would you like your company or institution to be included in future updates? Simply fill out the self-service form - we’re happy to keep track of your request.

Key Findings of 2020, Outlook on 2021

  • We notice a clear shift from Initial Coin Offerings of 2018 to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications in 2020.
  • Whereas ICOs completely halted in 2020 Security Token Offerings (STOs) seemed to replace it. However, today there have only been 3 STOs launched in Austria
  • Decentralized Finance is the most important application. DeFi is defined as a combination of blockchain technology with financial services like banking, insurance, lending, custody, new stores of value and other FinTech applications. Several important players develop projects and business models.
  • Substantial increase of corporate early adopters involved in proof-of-concepts, tokenization and prototyping, totalling 20
  • FMA Austria plays a more important role: 18 companies registered so far as Virtual Asset Providers. Strikingly, only 12 of the virtual currency service providers maintain a proper website!
  • Increasing number of startups with use cases in arts, mobility, energy

Blockchain Companies & Startups



Blockchain Protocol


Crypto Trading




Compliance Solution

Custody Solution

Crypto Tax Solution

Data Sharing

Digital Signature

ERP Solution

Payment Service Solution

Stable Coin Solution


Trading Solution

Wallet Solution









Real Estate





Corporate Early Adopters

Enablers & Extended Ecosystem


Austrian universities conduct blockchain both economical and technical research. At the end of 2017 Vienna’s University of Economics and Business launched the Institute of Cryptoeconomics, which will focus on new business models. In addition a number of private institutions offers education and trainings, covering blockchain basics up to investments,  development and business case modelling.



Extra-university research facilities are small in number but contribute substantially to blockchain related science and applied research.

Organizations & Communities

Austria has a very large blockchain community with more than 10.000 blockchainers - with local organizations in each province.


Activities from public players is strong in Austria, both in form of initiatives, as well as in pilot projects like open government data.


Four publishing enterprises have been added, they are very active in the crypto sphere and provide specific news and content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Accelerators & Incubators

A healthy blockchain eco-system not only requires developers, finance experts and researchers, but also mentoring and finance from seasoned entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are accelerators and incubators across the country, often linked with co-working spaces and local organizations.


Created by Clemens Wasner (EnliteAI) & Robert Schwertner (Cryptorobby) - Vienna - 01 / 2021

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