Blockchain Landscape Austria

Blockchain Landscape Austria

The Austrian Blockchain Landscape: An overview on companies, platforms & institutions leading the development of Blockchain technology in Austria.

Release Date:
January 2020

Release Information

The Austrian Blockchain Landscape was initially created in January 2018 by enliteAI and CryptoRobby.
This updated version v3.0 includes 8 new organizations and projects with a total of 130.
Newly added companies & institutions are marked with “v3.0” for easier identification in the text below the infographic.

What´s new

New Startups entered the scene:

  • TPA tax consultants are proactively examining blockchain use cases in various fields, e.g. taxation, real estate and also publish papers on legal matters, e.g. a recent paper on Security Token Offering
  • Kurant GmbH offers Bitcoin ATM-machines. New ATMs are available at Österreichische Post AG in Salzburg, Bregenz, Villach and Innsbruck
  • Kassandro of it-park GmbH is a cash register which recently offers payment services for Bitcoin
  • Coinpanion provides professional assistance for cryptocurrency trading using a robo-advisor
  • Sproof developed a blockchain-based document verification system
  • d-fine is a software which enables pioneering companies across industries to design, build and ship blockchain-based solutions
  • Tributech enables companies to secure and share data across organizations in a selective and tamper-proof way
  • Smart Digital GmbH combines new drone management systems and blockchain technology. In particular location data are securely written on blockchain
  • DAAA has recently been founded to support and sustainably develop an ecosystem for digital assets in Austria
  • The Josef Ressel Zentrum für Blockchain-Technologien & Sicherheitsmanagement is a research institute at the University of Applied Sciences St.Pölten. Its focus is research on blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Blockchain Landscape Austria

At enliteAI we are developing a market intelligence platform, based on artificial intelligence, with the aim to automatically map innovation ecosystems. What better topic to put this solution to use than blockchain: THE defining topic of our time.

With kind support of Robby Schwertner (CryptoRobby.com), a Vienna-based independent blockchain consultant and social media influencer, we put together the first Austrian Blockchain landscape and update it on regular basis

The landscape includes start-ups, accelerators and universities - as well as a large number of public institutions, initiatives, events and communities. We take this strong backing as a promising sign that the Austrian Blockchain landscape goes well beyond adopting new technology, but is also discussed in a wider societal context.

Newly added companies & institutions are marked with “v3.0” for easier identification in the text below the infographic.

Disclaimer: We are not involved with any of the companies and organizations listed in this landscape.

You’re welcome to reuse the infographic below as long as the content remains unmodified, in full and proper reference to the source is mentioned.

Would you like your company or institution to be included in future updates?  Simply send us an email to blockchain@enlite.ai, we’re happy to keep track of your request.

Key Findings of 2019, Outlook on 2020

  • We see several Security Token offerings being prepared behind the scenes which will be launched later in 2020.
  • With Facebook introducing the Libra cryptocurrency we expect that blockchain technology will receive more attention by large companies especially from banking, insurance and related financial services industry.

Blockchain Companies & Startups


This section contains applications in the energy sector and companies developing closed blockchain systems with for a specific application like ticketing, security, e-commerce, taxation or invoicing.


In this section consulting agencies which focus on blockchain related advice are listed.

Crypto Mining

Companies in this category offer either mining hardware or mine for cryptocurrencies.

Development & Software

This box contains important software developers with experience in smart contract programming related coding.

Exchange, Trading, Investing

This category focuses on exchange of crypto currencies, Crypto teller machines, trading and investing in blockchain projects and ICOs.

Legal & Tax

Due to the high activity in the Blockchain space many law firms have experience in setting up and supporting ICOs.


This section contains applications startups which offer coins, and companies developing closed blockchain systems with for a specific application like ticketing, security, e-commerce, taxation or invoicing.

Enablers & Extended Ecosystem

Universities & Educational Institutions

Austrian universities conduct blockchain both economical and technical research. At the end of 2017 Vienna’s University of Economics and Business launched the Institute of Cryptoeconomics, which will focus on new business models. In addition a number of private institutions offers education and trainings, covering blockchain basics up to investments,  development and business case modelling.


Extra-university research facilities are small in number but contribute substantially to blockchain related science and applied research.

Organizations & Communities

Austria has a very large blockchain community with more than 10.000 blockchainers - with local organizations in each province.


Activities from public players is strong in Austria, both in form of initiatives, as well as in pilot projects like open government data.


Four publishing enterprises have been added, they are very active in the crypto sphere and provide specific news and content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Accelerators & Incubators

A healthy blockchain eco-system not only requires developers, finance experts and researchers, but also mentoring and finance from seasoned entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are accelerators and incubators across the country, often linked with co-working spaces and local organizations.


Austrian Blockchain Research

We identified 33 blockchain research projects. As a first step we categorized them in Energy, Mobility, Industry and FinTech. A category has been chosen for industry clusters and accelerators. The Austrian Blockchain Center is by far the largest blockchain research initiative. However there are 12 energy blockchain research projects and 9 FinTech related research projects. Industry blockchain projects focus on quality management or security and safety issues as well as data management and privacy issues.

Created by Clemens Wasner (EnliteAI) & Robert Schwertner (Cryptorobby) - Vienna - 1 / 2020

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