We provide an array of skills, experience and expertise to deliver pioneering digital solutions that enable you to become an AI leader in your industry
Data Strategy

In data-rich business environments the effectiveness of AI technologies will be only as good as the data they have access to. Building a robust data strategy that can be applied across industries and levels of data maturity enables superior data management and analytics.

Structuring Unstructured Data

Unstructured data comes in many formats and might be written text, multimedia like videos and images, or even audio files of conversations. Structuring data and extracting features turns it into a useful basis for further analysis and decision making.

Generative Adversarial Networks

GANs are the latest technology breakthrough in AI. We are experienced in applying GANs to create seemingly natural images, videos and speech with a defined set of parameters which helps you to meet GDPR pseudonymisation or anonymisation requirements.

Deep Learning at Scale

Working on problems withs terabytes of data for industrial applications is one of the most pressing challenges today, and as models get more complex it’s only getting harder. By developing at scale we ensure that any solution works for many people, in many locations, and at a reasonable speed.

Predictive Analytics

Identifying the likelihood of future events and predicting their implications ensure the growth and success of your company. We use a variety of data mining, predictive modeling and analytical techniques for pattern detection to support the decision making process when faced with uncertainty.

Text Analytics

By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), our custom text analysis solutions extract meaning from text data and therefore greatly enhance the quality of reporting and analysis. We also use sentiment analysis to capture how positively or negative customers feel about topics, brands and products.


A selection of typical AI applications which we have been implementing in previous projects
Customer Segmentation

Marketers must become more granular in their customer segmentation strategy to focus on target market segments and reach customers, while attracting new prospects and leads. AI is the marketing partner helping deliver the right message at the right time, thanks to an abundance of data and an abundance of computing power.

Recommendation Systems

Recommender engines are a powerful tool to improve customer experience and provide tailor-made offers. They serve as the perfect marketer tool to understand the customer taste, style and thus can make more intelligent decisions about what recommendations would benefit them.

Churn Prediction

Customer churn occurs when customers or subscribers discontinue doing business with a company. With recent developments in AI applications, we are capable of better predicting customer churn and take proactive steps to prevent it.