With the closure of a € 2 million seed round we welcome Breeze Invest, Speedinvest and Floud Ventures on this journey of building the next generation of AI SaaS companies.

In 2017 Marcel, Johannes and Clemens started EnliteAI GmbH because we thought that the time was ripe to bring AI to organisations outside the tech sector. While our services business gained amazing traction, signing stock listed companies let and right, we always had the ambition to create SaaS products, based on our industry and AI research know-how.

In 2020, just when the first covid wave hit, we decided to do a hard-pivot into product development and doubled down on detekt, our geospatial AI solution, and reinforcement learning for power grid optimization.

What followed were 3 years of turning the company into a fully fledged SaaS startup, hiring many new colleagues and started raising funds just when global markets froze. (Never waste two global crisis)

Fortunately we had a very large network which supported us along the way, as well as professional support from  Samira Advisors, who taught us a thing or two about fundraising

Working on exciting products with amazing people and great investors is a privilege - we are excited for the ups and downs ahead.

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