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enliteAI is a full-service provider for Artificial Intelligence
from AI Strategy to Prototyping and Project Delivery

What we offer

Our Vision

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is the most significant development of our time, with consequences across all industries and company functions. EnliteAI wants to democratize this development by enabling companies of all sizes to become AI leaders in their field. With our rich expertise in both business and technology we are uniquely positioned to help our clients to introduce Artificial Intelligence based solutions in their daily operations.

Market Intelligence

At enliteAI we are developing a market intelligence platform, based on artificial intelligence, with the aim to automatically map innovation ecosystems. As the development is moving forward, we are issuing more and more landscapes with an initial focus on the Austrian technology industries

AI Landscape Austria

The Austrian AI Landscape: An overview on companies, platforms & institutions leading the development of AI technology in Austria.

What our clients say

When collaborating with enliteAI on a Hackathon, we experienced the latest technological innovations in AI, which enable our data scientists to gain a better understanding of their potential and tackle business problems from a completely new perspective

Susanne Blum  —  A1 Telekom Austria

With synthesized image data by enliteAI we are now able to train our image recognition models to an extent we would not have anticipated before

Heinrich Schmid-Schmidsfelden  —  Kapsch TrafficCom AG

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