Interview on national TV "State of AI"

National broadcaster ORF interviewed us on the near-term implications of AI and robots on society.
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May 19, 2019

For its new format Magazine 1 national broadcaster ORF invited our CEO for a studio discussion on AI.

Topics discussed:

  • Robots will play an important role in our future - from telepresence in classrooms to elderly care
  • Asian countries, especially Japan, have an early lead - both from society‘s acceptance of robots to corporate R&D programs
  • Contrary to popular belief, job displacement through AI will hit many highly skilled jobs first „it‘s more likely we will automate doctors than nurses“
  • However, technological progress always lead to changing job and skill profiles, which in hindsight didn't decrease workforce participation
  • Unknown to many, decision making by AI is already regulated in the GDPR. An AI will not have the final say on your next credit or medical treatment anytime soon.

It's very encouraging to see these topics discussed in a mainstream format, without the usual fear mongering or low-ball questions.

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