Spring has arrived and while the trees are waking up and new leaves are sprouting, EnliteAI is collaborating with the Vienna Data Science Group to organize the first data4good hackathon in Vienna on April 27th and 28th.

In the past few years, our society has experienced a profound transformation thanks to the rapid advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data processing technologies. From digital personal assistants through advanced medical research to automated cars - the effect of this change is everywhere.

At EnliteAI, we believe that machine learning and data analysis should not stay in the experts' domains. Through this hackathon, we aim to bring new know-how and new capabilities to new communities, such as nonprofit organizations. Therefore, in addition to sponsoring the event, we will also be taking an active part in the hackathon. We will assist and guide the teams while helping nonprofit organizations.

Setting the lead

As an example, we will support Hilfswerk International with analyzing satellite images from the last Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, by locating flooded roads and suggesting suitable locations for their help centers. Our experts will use the most novel system: An unsupervised neural network which allocates a meaning to every pixel in the picture.

Grünstattgrau will benefit from our Natural Language Processing (NLP) know-how by automatically converting unstructured text from journals and magazines into relevant information. This information is then used to answer relevant questions for the organization, such as comparing the amount of green rooftop buildings in different cities of the DACH region.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Although we are experts in Artificial Intelligence, we are always glad to contribute also to the non-artificial one! One of the hackathon goals is to create a beginner-friendly environment to introduce new data scientists to practical problems, as well as to allow experienced data scientists to broaden their scope and to experiment with new domains.

The EnliteAI team is happy to share their knowledge and expertise. Together, we will bring data science and the power of AI to new communities and partners.

We are thrilled and proud to take part in such an event, and we look forward to continuously acting for and contributing to our society.

For further info on the data4good hackathon, please check out the link.

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