Forbes Interview - State of AI in Europe

For their latest feature on AI, Forbes Austria sat together with us to discuss the state of AI in Europe.
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March 7, 2018

It all started with cat videos. The current AI-wave kicked-off in 2012 when Andrew Ng, back then Google lead researcher for Artificial intelligence, used huge amounts of computing power to analyze cat videos on YouTube.

The results were so overwhelmingly good that just within just a couple of months a new AI summer kicked off. The differences between the current hype around deep learning and reinforcement learning are manifold, but what stands out are the huge investments from both private and public players.

“Europe might have been slow to enter the AI race, but when it comes to applied AI, our established industry structures are an asset”

So far the race is dominated by US- and China-based technology giants as well as the Chinese state itself, which leads many pundits to point out that the race is as good as over. In our opinion this is a rather fatalistic worldview which has proven consistently wrong in the the history of innovation.

AI Investments - Europe & Austria
AI Investments - Europe & Austria

Instead of leaning back and declaring the race to be over, Europeans need to double down on their existing strengths and incorporate AI in their products and services.

At EnliteAI bringing Artificial Intelligence to organizations is our core mission and we are happy to support you in this exciting journey!

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