We are honored to give a keynote at the AAIC - Applied AI Conference Logistics, Europe's largest conference for applying AI in logistics and supply chain management.

Together with Hubert Fratzl from voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH our CTO Marcel Wasserer will provide insights on how Reinforcement Learning can lead to significant cost savings in stock replenishment and production.

Reinforcement Learning is often described as the next big step for AI with the ability to surpass human capabilities in optimization & decision making.
However, when to comes to practical applications, up until recently there have been very few use cases made public.

We will use this opportunity to not only walk you through an Applied RL project, but also take off the wraps of our open-source framework MazeRL.

📅 25.02.2021
🕙 15:30 - 16:10
🔗 full info & live stream at the conference page

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