Mercur22 - enliteAI among the winners of Vienna’s innovation award

We are very proud and honoured to to have achieved the second place at Mercur22 - the Viennese innovation award, hosted by the Viennese economic chamber
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June 30, 2022

Under the project title “Power Grid 4.0 - AI-based Control and Optimization of the Power Grid to Increase Resilience and Reduce Costs” we submitted our Reinforcement Learning based approach for grid optimization. The evaluation of this year's total of 95 submissions - 22 more than last time - was traditionally carried out in advance by the Institute of Industrial Science. The Mercur winners are also nominated for the "State Prize for Innovation", which will be awarded in the fall.

About the Award - Innovation award with over 30 years of tradition

“With Mercur, we bring those companies before the curtain that are shining beacons in the business location through their innovative strength. They make a significant contribution to Vienna's success in international competition and its perception as an innovation hub. And especially now in difficult times, investments in research and development are enormously important. Innovative companies are the irreplaceable drivers of an economy.” Alexander Biach, Vice-Director of the economic chamber Vienna.

The Mercur Innovation Award has been presented every year since 1987 to the most innovative companies in Vienna. There have already been a total of 184 prize winners. Viennese companies can submit both product and process innovations; provided that the submitted projects are either already on the market or an economic exploitation is imminent and demonstrable.

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