AI Strategy & Transformation

AI Strategy & Transformation

AI has the potential to not only improve existing business processes but to reshape entire industries through new data-driven approaches. We guide our clients through this journey by identifying those areas where AI can bring the highest impact, assess their AI readiness and support the roll-out in the organization.

Use Case Discovery

We support your organization in identifying those use cases where AI can bring the largest impact for your business.

AI Readiness Check

Developed by enliteAI, the AI Readiness Check serves as the starting point of bringing AI to your organization. By assessing your data, analytics and development capabilities, we offer you a 360° view on the readiness of your organization to leverage AI in your daily business.

Strategy Definition

By working with all stakeholders in our client's organization we identify the key AI capabilities required to unlock the most important business opportunities. We help you to define the right AI strategy for your business, one which will evolve with new business opportunities and technological advancements.

AI Strategy & Transformation

AI Lab

Through our own AI research we solve today's business problems with tomorrow's methods. Our work on Generative Adversarial Networks and Reinforcement Learning has successfully pushed the boundaries for many of our clients and is frequently featured in international media.

Leverage AI Research

In our own research lab we bring together the best of academia, engineering and Data Science.

Extend Research to Production Grade

By further scaling, customizing and extending the latest AI methods we are able to close the gap between research and application in real world business scenarios.

Build Models for Commercial Use

Commercial applications are often treated as an afterthought in published AI research. In addition, many results cannot be applied out of the box. We cross this gap for our clients by fully implementing production ready models.

AI Strategy & Transformation

Prototyping & Project Delivery

Few doubt the capabilities of AI, but many companies struggle to define concrete measures without experiencing tangible results for their own business. With our proven approach we guide our customers from feasibility studies and prototypes up to enterprise deployment within a short period.

From Proof of Concept to Prototype

We define the right approach for your specific use case and assess the potential of AI-based solutions, as well as limitations and risks. By supporting our customers from the MVP to prototype phase, we are able to deliver tangible results within a short time frame, which can already be incorporated into their daily business.

Implementation & Integration

Our engineering team extends the AI-based prototypes to a robust enterprise grade system that scales up to your business requirements - from fully managed API solutions to tight integrations into legacy systems, we identify the most efficient approach through close cooperation with our customer's engineering teams.

Roll-Out & Support

After go-live we support the roll-out within your organization with trainings and user onboarding. Furthermore we offer continuous monitoring of the prediction performance on real data and provide regular model updates to continuously improve performance.